We at QikKids want to assure you that although everyone is facing unprecedented and delicate circumstances, our team is completely focussed on helping you. Standing in solidarity with you and your service in getting through challenging scenarios is a value we treasure most, and the foundation of our QikKids culture. This is your devoted QikKids COVID-19 webpage that has various training videos, help guides and live webinars to give you the confidence needed in managing your service through COVID-19 and the self-assurance needed for managing possible closures. In the QikKids spirit, you remain our highest priority and we'll keep you well-supported, trained, and informed.
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Help Guides & Hotlines

As taken from the Government’s Information sheets for child care providers and services updated regularly – when a service has to close due to COVID-19, under Family Assistance Law, attendance reports cannot be submitted into the Child Care Subsidy System as services are unable to provide sessions of care. Families must also not be charged fees. If you close your service, either voluntarily or as advised, you must notify your state or territory regulatory authority within 24 hours.

The following QikKids guides are here to assist you through this season:


Useful hotlines and links:

*In all instances you should seek confirmation from your local state or territory department regarding the operation of your centre.