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More is possible.

You now have the opportunity to simplify your entire administrative experience, whilst increasing parent engagement, and delivering the best educational journey ever. Further information can be found in the Introductory Letter from our new CEO Mark Woodland.

With QikKids and Xplor coming together, you now have the option to activate our cloud-based administration platform (called ‘Office’), educator app (called ‘Playground’) and free parent app (called “Home”). This combination of our world-renowned QikKids support and training, combined with Xplor’s ground-breaking management technology that is easy, fun and intuitive to use, is your winning recipe for business success.

Our new cloud-based products offer:

For more information on understanding your QikKids Cloud and Desktop options, click here. We’re here to help and answer any questions you might have around your current products and explore what options you have available to you now.


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