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6 digital marketing tools to boost your childcare centre’s occupancy

We’ve all had to learn new ways of doing things because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the last thing you need on your plate is to learn how to do yet another new thing - digital marketing. As a centre... Read More

QikKids releases Digital Marketing Guide for childcare services

QikKids has released the Digital Marketing Guide, a value-packed, free content resource for childcare owners and professionals looking for ways to promote their service. The guide provides early learning services with the fundamentals of digital marketing through practical and useful... Read More

How documentation can help improve ratings in NQS Quality Area 1

You’ve studied Quality Area 1 (QA1) of the National Quality Standard (NQS), and your service uses an approved framework to create child-centred learning opportunities for all its children. Educators use intentional teaching and scaffolding methods, and you’ve implemented a cycle... Read More

QikKids expands efforts to future-proof early learning and care in Australia

Educators and caregivers work tirelessly to ensure that the care they deliver serves each child’s needs and fulfils high quality standards. QikKids has been making this job easier for service providers for over 15 years and is committed to serving... Read More

QikKids fortifies decades long commitment to supporting childcare in Australia.

“QikKids is committed to supporting you.” For over 15 years, QikKids has helped care providers focus on children’s learning and development, shaping the stories of numerous educators and caregivers with innovative solutions and hands-on support.  Support at QikKids has always... Read More

Prominent childcare provider Guardian Childcare and Education renews with QikKids for 3 years to continue provision of quality services

Leading childcare provider renews deal with QikKids as primary software provider 120 early learning centres will continue to use the QikKids platform to manage administration and education programs.  Dedication to QikKids for innovation and service delivery in the childcare industry... Read More

A Child Care Reporting Service Focused on Parent Involvement: For Curriculum and Resource Management, Portfolios, Batch Reports and More

With a track record of reliable family engagement, QK Technologies has always focused on parents in the development of our childcare technologies. After all, we know that parent involvement is one of the most critical factors for a child’s academic... Read More

A Service for Kindergarten Software System Solutions

Running a child care service is hard work. You need a kindergarten software system that works just as hard to minimise the time you spend managing all the procedural and administrative tasks. QK Technologies is the leading provider of child... Read More

Child Care or Day Care App for Childcare or Daycare Providers

Keeping up with childcare management technology is easier than you think. QK Technologies makes it easy for you to control your administrative enrolment and payment functions. We’re passionate about childcare and have developed management software that will streamline and enhance... Read More

Childcare Payment Solutions are Easy with the Right System: find Software Solutions Now

No matter what you do for a living, you deserve to get paid on time. Maybe your job is about more than just the money involved, and you work in an industry that provides an essential service. If you happen... Read More

Comprehensive Child Care Software Service and Solutions System

If you are in the business of child care service you understand the need for accurate record keeping. For over 15 years QK Technologies has provided child care solutions with QikKids, our comprehensive and powerful software for child care providers.... Read More

Do You Want to Implement an Outside School Hours Care System? Find OSHC Software for Your Organisation

If you run an organisation that is in the business of providing Outside School Hours Care in Australia, you’re already aware of your many important responsibilities. You’ll need to have resources you can draw on to help provide a suitable... Read More

Find Support for Child Care Subsidy Training with the QikKids Roadshow, Webinars, and CCSS Software to Help with a Complying Written Arrangement (CWA)

Impending changes to the existing child care system have some parents concerned. In July of 2018, existing Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate programs will be abolished, and their functions taken over by the new Child Care Subsidy. The... Read More

Find the Child Care Technology You Need with QK Software Solutions for Child Care Management Programs and Our Convenient Booking Appc

With the new Child Care Subsidy taking effect this July, many changes are coming to the world of early child care and childhood education. As CCS replaces the old system, we can all expect several alterations, including a requirement to... Read More

Give Parents More Freedom to Be a Part of Their Child’s Daily Care, with Child Care Management Software Solutions from QK Technologies

Having a reliable Child Care Management System (CCMS) in play for your child care service can have several positive impacts. Not only will a good CCMS make life easier for you and your employees by making it simpler to manage... Read More

How a Parent Digital Sign In, or Out Program Can Assist with Marking Rolls, Messaging, and More

Parents who drop their children off at a childcare facility may face significant anxiety, and a reputable facility is responsible for reducing that anxiety in any way they can. Once a parent has signed their child into daycare, for example,... Read More

How Daycare Payment Software Solutions Can Improve Your Childcare Service

Running a daycare service can be the most rewarding experience in the world because it gives you the chance to work with young kids and prepare them for later life. You probably love watching youngsters mature and start making sense... Read More

Invaluable Childcare System Solutions and Service Software

Operating a childcare system can be stressful work. There are many factors to keep track of tasks such as bookings, cancellations, payments, waiting lists, enrolments, and more. At first glance, these elements can be overwhelming, especially if you do not... Read More

Manage Your Day Care Business More Efficiently, with a Child Care Management System (CCMS) Program from Australia’s QK Technologies

Managing all the facets of your day care business daily is no easy task. Not only do you and your staff need to ensure that children enjoy a safe, engaging, and friendly environment, but you also need to make sure... Read More

Looking for Daycare Management System Software? Contact this Service for Solutions

Children are the future, and taking care of them is one of the most important responsibilities a society has. The daycare has always been a vital institution, but with more parents working it’s becoming even more essential. The increasing role... Read More

Navigating the new CCS

At QikKids we know change can be difficult. Managing a childcare centre is a fulltime job. Keeping up-to-date with information and changes to government regulations can be daunting. The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is the main sticking point for many... Read More

Need to Organise Your Kindergarten? This Service Offers Solutions via System Management Software

Education is one of the most critical parts of any individual’s development, and it’s most effective when it begins early in life. It is vital to provide high quality education during a child’s formative years, where it is most likely... Read More

Prepare for the Jobs for Families Child Care Package with the Right Day Care Management Software Solutions

Right now, your day care business is probably set up to accept regular cash payments as well as payments through the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) subsidy programs. As of July 2018, though, these programs will... Read More

Quality Daycare Service, Solutions, and Software for Your System

When parents take their children to a daycare service, they expect nothing but the best. QK Technologies offer a variety of methods to help you ensure that you meet the expectations of your parents from the moment they set foot... Read More

Reliable Day Care System Software Service Solutions

QK Technologies provides day care solutions to over 7,000 child care service throughout Australia, making us a leader in the industry. Our success has been due in part to reliable products, excellent support, and listening to our clients’ wants and... Read More

Second-to-None Customer Support: The X-Factor of the Child Care Management Solutions from QK Technologies

Have you ever used a childcare management system that froze up for no reason or lost your data inexplicably? If so, you’ve probably gone through the gauntlet of trying to get in touch with customer support—not always an easy process.... Read More

Simplify One Element of Your Childcare Service with Day Care Payment Software Solutions

Because you have so many responsibilities running a busy child day care service, the last thing you need is to be chasing up payments and employing frustrating data entry software to manage your accounts. Of course, keeping your accounts up... Read More

This OSHC App Makes Outside School Hours Care Simpler and More Efficient

Running an OSHC program can demand a lot of time and attention, so it’s always best to make sure you’re using resources that help you conserve both for when you’ll need them. Certain technologies can be your best friends in... Read More

Updating Your Child Care Payment System? This Service Provides Effective Software Solutions

Running a child care service of any kind can be an incredibly rewarding endeavour, but those rewards come in many different forms. For many, there is nothing as spiritually gratifying as making sure a child receives the care and education... Read More

Why You Should Employ Software Solutions to Bolster Your Kindergarten Payment Service

All parents in Australia and the world want the best for their children, and though it's important for kids to have fun, it's also crucial for them to start learning and making sense of the world from a young age.... Read More