Tips to document and share child health events to improve your centre’s NQS QA2 ratings. 

Services rated Working Towards NQS recorded the lowest occupancy at 49%. 

Assessors are looking for evidence that a service is maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment for all children attending care. Like many services, you may be doing your best for children, but lacking enough evidence of fulfilling quality standards. This guide helps you successfully implement each element of Quality Area 2 so that you can improve your centre’s NQS ratings.

High NQS ratings can boost centre occupancy.

NQS Quality ratings are key indicators of a service’s quality of care and likely to help: 

  • Differentiate your centre from competitors
  • Attract more qualified families to the centre
  • Contribute to high occupancy over time
  • Increase investment in high-quality care

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QikKid's NQS QA2 Guide


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