Digital marketing techniques to help your centre gain visibility online

Learn what digital marketing is and how you can use it to increase occupancy and convert more family enquiries—all in our latest guide.

Families are now searching for childcare options online and expect to connect with services via websites and social media platforms. This means that it is highly beneficial for your centre to be found through Google, Facebook and other digital networks so that you can engage and retain qualified parents. However, like many other childcare owners, you may be new to digital marketing terminology and short on time to implement strategies that improve online visibility. This guide will help you understand the fundamentals of digital marketing that will eventually boost your centre’s enrolment. It will also provide you with software options, including online marketplaces and enquiry platforms, to help you gain control of the parent experience.

This guide will help you understand:

  1. Importance of a digital marketing strategy—Learn why creating a digital presence is crucial to parent engagement and enrolment, as opposed to traditional marketing.
  2. Digital marketing tools to boost visibility—Find out how a website, Facebook page, Google ads, email and SEO content can help you provide value to new and prospective parents.
  3. Software options to automate marketing—Learn about online marketplaces and enquiry platforms that offer dedicated listing pages to automate the parent engagement process.

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Adriana – Broadmeadows ELC

“Space is excellent. We have already had 20 enquiries this week. I am relieved that I don’t have to try and find notes of where I wrote down an enquiry, I can easily access everything from Space.”

Michelle – Gaia’s Nest

“Space is incredibly user-friendly and looks really nice. I love the filters and the easy sorting through enquiries to find the appropriate room.”

Alex – Mawson Lakes Park Way Childcare

Space has made it easier for parents to making tour bookings because they can do it directly to my centre and it prevents miscommunication from using a spreadsheet or a diary.”