Navigating the new CCS

At QikKids we know change can be difficult. Managing a childcare centre is a full-time job. Keeping up-to-date with information and changes to government regulations can be daunting. The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is the main sticking point for many childcare centre owners and managers. That’s why QikKids specialises in innovative childcare management solutions: to make operating your business easier so you can spend more time focusing on the children in your centre.

Child Care Subsidy
From 2 July 2018, the CCS became the sole form of rebate for parents that have children in childcare. CCS is means tested and the percentage a parent receives get back depends on a family income estimate. Families could expect an 85% subsidy if less than $67,000 was earned in 12 months. For those earning up to $172,000 annually, the percentage goes down by 1% for every $3,000 earned above $67,000. For those earning between $172,000 and $251,300, families can expect a subsidy between 50% to 20%. Any yearly earnings over $341,248 might be eligible for a 20% annual subsidy. Any family earning more than $351,248 is not eligible for the CCS. And, overall, the government will hold five per cent of a CCS to combat the possibility of an overpayment and, therefore, be hit with an unexpected bill from the tax department at tax return time. Navigating this new information and knowing how this affects you can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why QikKids offers training programs to childcare directors, managers and staff; so you have the confidence to explain to parents and caregivers what the CSS changes mean for their families.

QikKids Training
As each new development of the CSS was released; QikKids implemented the information and provided it to clients. In just 12 months, QikKids has trained more than 25,000 childcare staff in the new Child Care Subsidy. Our training hub provides a range of learning and training options. We run webinars, face-to-face training, travelling roadshows, remote learning, self-paced training options, and live online training. Self-paced training includes videos and modules relevant to your staff’s training needs. Live online training allows staff to ask specific questions regarding CCS, includes unlimited access to free sessions and is facilitated by an experienced expert trainer.

QikKids Technology
QikKids – our core training product – integrates well with our other technologies for a powerful suite of management tools for the success and sustainability of your childcare business. These technologies include: QikPay; QK Kiosk; QK Enrol, QK Journeys, a downloadable booking app, and a business health check, called QK Health Check. Our QikKids technology, as well as up-to-date CSS information, has seen more than 10,500 centres across Australia & New Zealand implement QikKids into their daily business operations.

Transitioning to the CSS
We recommend the following five steps: create your provider profile in QikKids; Transition your children’s enrolments from CCMS to CCS; access parent entitlements for reporting, and use QK Kiosk to generate customer charges and statements. For information about transitioning to the new CCS, contact our support team on 1300 367 770, or: .