Start engaging with parents online in 2022!

Connecting with parents online is the start of creating strong relationships with families

Now that parents have access to better technology for most of their day-to-day tasks, they are looking for accessible and meaningful interactions with their daycare centres. Centres that use software platforms that easily allow for convenient communication throughout the whole childcare journey—from enquiries to bookings and attendance, through to sharing of educational and health events—have an advantage against those that don’t.

Our guide, Strategies for Positive Parent Engagement Online looks at how software not only helps with documentation but also supports your centre’s activities.

In this guide, we introduce you to some best practices for online interaction, such as:

  • Actively listening to parents and their unique needs
  • Using and promoting the right communication channels
  • Focusing on quality areas and national ratings
  • Designing tours that convince parents of service quality

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Better solutions for an enhanced parent experience

Whether giving parents a quick peek at their current billing period or just booking a session for their child that day, leveraging technology can help your centre get more bookings. An example of this is joining an online marketplace, which will help you with: 

  • Streamlining your enquiry process
  • Ensuring that you don’t miss any leads
  • Putting you in front of parents looking for a centre like yours