Detailed Insight into Your QikKids Data

Managing a child care service is a busy task with many accountability for staff and managers. The management of your service information in QikKids is just one of these tasks that you need to ensure is up to date and meeting the required legislative requirements.
The QikKids Health Check is designed to have a QikKids Expert review your service information to ensure that you are following best practice and managing your data well. The outcome of the QK Health Check is a professional report that is provided to you with an overview of your service and recommendations around actions you should take to resolve any issues found.

The report is particularly useful to business owners and Directors/Coordinators who want some reassurance that they are managing QikKids in the most effective manner possible with a view to ensure they are claiming the subsidy correctly and minimising any potential breaches that could occur.


  • Service Summary
  • Administration SETUP
  • CCSS Enrolments & Errors
  • Inclusion Support
  • ACCS
  • Debtors Listing (Incl. current bookings)

The cost of the QK Health Check service is dependant on your license capacity and ranges from $299 for a small service with a license capacity of 50 children to $599 for a very large service with capacity of over 120 children. For more details on pricing please click on the Order Now button below for full details.

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Maree Lehmann - Team Leader at Children's Services, City of Melbourne

"Their knowledge and understanding of QikKids is outstanding. The thoroughness and reporting back whilst completing the QK Health Check was excellent, and customised training was targeted and easily understood. They are very professional to deal with and they give us a great sense of confidence, especially when they audited our QK systems and identified mistakes and knew how to fix them. Their report for management ensured a thorough understanding of the problems, how they could be fixed, the impacts they may have and a way forward so the same issues won't occur. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other clients, as their work and knowledge is excellent.

Karen Turnbull - School Finance Officer Resource Management & Strategy for Catholic Education Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn

"Sarah processed a system Health Check for all our centres. Monies not claimed correctly and other processing issues were identified and corrected by Sarah with a report provided for each centre. Sarah also compiled our Admin manuals for our services in Catholic Education. This was an important step for our centres in knowing that they had guidelines to follow and gave us greater peace of mind that accurate policy and procedures were in place ensuring best working practice for the future."

Sophie Stephens - Casey Childcare & Kindergarten Cardinia

"They helped our childcare and oshc services with all things related to QikKids and CCMS. Errors through through CCMS and QikKids were efficiently identified by the team and rectified immediately. They have taken the headache out of worrying about the complex system and our Director and staff can concentrate on what's important; the operation and high performance of the services. With staff changing we are not worried about their experience in CCMS as customised training was arranged and provided along with the the yearly QK Health Checks which have given us instructions on how to resolve any issues in our system. Highly recommended for any childcare or education service. I can not thank you enough."

Pru Howard - Owner of Elements Childcare

"Elements had the good fortune of working with the team and Sarah from inception. Their knowledge of the QikKids software, along with their friendly and approachable nature ensured we were on the right track. Their strength was probably highlighted during a difficult phase with establishing our CCMS connection, They are always diligent and proactive in ensuring that our data is maintained and and that we are compliant with our responsibilities. I could not recommend Sarah and the team anymore highly - I always look forward to working with them!."