Our onboarding experience with Kiosk was GREAT, THOROUGH, we even had face-to-face help!

It was such an easy transition, there doesn’t need to be any build-up or planning you just put it on your desk one day, help parents set up and it’s DONE!


Q: Tell me about your onboarding experience with Kiosk?

A: The onboarding experience was GREAT, it was THOROUGH, we had conversations over the phone and someone even came down to our centre to meet with us face-to-face to help us get a good understanding of the program and how it works.

They even offered face-to-face training for our staff! The support team was really really good, totally okay with us asking silly questions but never making us feel stupid!


Q: Why is Kiosk important to your service?

A: Kiosk was VITAL in tracking family accounts and their CCS during the transition period when we had to remove our rebates system. We need Kiosk for its rolls, attendances, and to finally print reports and family statements off QikKids!