What sets QikKids apart is their CUSTOMER SERVICE! We found QikKids 12 years ago and never looked back, it’s just been WONDERFUL!

The program is so versatile it doesn’t matter what your service needs, QikKids can cover it! We’ve always relied very heavily on QikKids making everything run smoothly for us, QikKids definitely has a RIPPLE EFFECT on our business!


Q: What is important to you when considering which CCS software to choose?

A: What’s really really important to me, is customer service. Being able to support the software you provide, that’s what’s important to me – if you have a good software but no people to help and back it up, you’d just be another software in the market.


Q: Tell us about your history and experience using QK Technologies’ products and services? Why have you chosen QikKids to deliver this key piece of technology for your business?

A: So what REALLY sets you guys apart is your customer service! If I have trouble, I know I can call someone anytime and they’re absolutely willing to help, even with silly things! Everybody’s just so happy, knowledgeable and helpful.

We’ve not explored other software before and we don’t need to because of QK’s excellent customer service!

We also chose QikKids for its CCS reporting capabilities that we use all the time – Standard reports for attendances, Age reports so we know how to shuffle children around the rooms, Qik contact list, medical list, bus list, Bulk email lists.

QikKids definitely has a RIPPLE EFFECT on our business – the less money we spent hiring staff for those admin duties that QikKids could automatically do; the more time and money we had to spend elsewhere.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – WE LOVE QIKKIDS!